Show Dem Beatz #1


Do you want to let your inner animal out, and support the most talented newcomers the Amsterdam music scene has to offer while you’re at it? Lucky you!

LiftOff Events proudly presents: SHOW DEM BEATZ

The party that aims to involve everyone to create something special. With a line-up spanning the entire spectrum of bass music there’s plenty to see for everyone involved. You don’t need a big party to have the night of your life, so step up and join us! And don’t worry if you don’t have any talents worth mentioning; we need people to show the beats to after all 😉

Expect the hottest talent, the funkiest bass and the most cozy party of 2019 already. We’re efficient like that.


  • Date:
    Saturday March 16th

  • Location:
    Volta (Houtmankade 336, Amsterdam)

    Situated within crawling distance from Amsterdam Central Station and at the entrance of the Westerpark, Volta is the perfect location. There’s plenty of opportunity to smell the flowers along the way as well.

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