Our core activities


Our events are a combination of talent, music and friendship. By partying together we create the fuel for our artist to take off.

Artist Development

Being an artist is more than creating something, it’s about becoming an experience that triggers emotions that people can relate to.

Professional Support & Bookings

To make sure you can focus on your creativity, we can support you with the business side of things. Such as promotion, administration and bookings

What can we do for you?


  • Listening to your needs
  • Help you build up your network
  • Help you develop as an artist
  • Support you on a professional level


  • Bring a platform for upcomming artists
  • Support on bringing out new concepts and ideas
  • A collaboration for promotional benefits Hosting a stage or timeslot with the most promising talent we have to offer


  • Help you become an ambassador for the artist you want to support
  • A listening ear regarding ideas and creativity
  • Make you a member of our creative team
  • Help you share your own talent, any way possible
  • Simply have a beer together

  • Join the family

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    Just wanna hang out?

    Our team

    About Liftoff

    LiftOff Events is about music, talent and friendship.

    We created LiftOff Events to support our beloved music scene. We know it can be hard for producers, DJ’s or artists in general to let their sound be heard. It often comes down to knowing the right people to get to the place where you want to be. Not everyone has the social skills or network to do so, which doesn’t mean you don’t have the talent to deserve it!

    We are here to help you, either artist or fan, to reach out to one another.

    We want to listen to your music or ideas and together we will make dreams a reality. Trough advice, enthusiasm, or the best night of our lives. Together we will be able to say: “Remember? We were there when it started!”